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20 mph Limit

Midgley has a 20mph speed limit. It runs from the top of Midgley Road through Midgley, including Oats Royd, and Luddenden, down to to Luddenden Lane beyond the Kershaw junction.

New Bus Timetable from 19 Feb 2017

There is a new bus timetable for the Midgley bus. In reality, the bus times don't seem to have changed much: the timetable now reflects reality a little better than it did, with peak time buses running a little later.

More info and a link to the timetable on the Communicate page.

Midgley Road is Closed

The catastrophic floods on Boxing Day 2015 were more kind to Midgley than to places in the valley bottom, with only a few Midgley houses and outbuildings affected by flood water.

However, the flash flooding washed out the ground near the top of Midgley Road, leaving the road quite precarious. It is now closed for repairs.

Calderdale Council Citizen Celebration Award

Midgley Community Forum has been nominated for the 2015 Calderdale Council Citizen Celebration Award and won the local award for the Luddendenfoot area.

This award is given to an individual or organisation in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of the local community.

For more details, see the second page of the December 2015 newsletter.

Knit and kNatter, Craft and Chatter has Changed!

The group has changed to meeting every other Thursday afternoon and one Wednesday evening each month.

For more details, see the Regular Events Page.