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Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer.

People take responsibility for coordinating different subjects. These are the people to get in touch with…

Events and ActivitiesJennifer Vale, 01422 885466
Linda Swindells, 01422 885072
Community Room BookingsJean Tallis, 01422 882394 or Rema Sim 01422 885111
Midgley Community ForumAlistair Grant (chair), 01422 886339
WebsiteIain Harrison, 01422 418600
Community Shop01422 886687
Spaw SundayRema Sim, 01422 885111
Open GardensAnne Holdsworth, 01422 882901
Social GroupJennifer Vale, 01422 885466
Knit and KnatterGill Heritage
Events CalendarMartin Tallis, 01422 882394
Postal AddressThis is the shop, and also for post to Midgley Matters.
4b Towngate



Midgley Village mostly clusters around a single road. The roads in the village are narrow and winding, and generally lack a useable footpath. In addition to cars they are used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders as well as tractors and other farm machinery.

Please consider our safety and our quality of life. Drive slowly through the village. The speed limit is now 20 mph, but even that is too fast for some parts of the village!

Bus Service

The village is served by a single bus service 574, running most hours. Once every two hours or so on Sundays.

See the Metro timetable for details of the service.

The bus route goes to Sowerby Bridge via Kershaw Estate then meanders around, eventually arriving at the middle of Halifax Bus Station after about 35 minutes.

574's return journey travels the same way back, but also visiting Booth on the way.

There is no bus service to or from Hebden Bridge or Mytholmroyd (why not, Metro?)


The nearest station is at Mytholmroyd, just over a mile's walk from Midgley. This station has its own community group, but very little parking space at present.

Phone and Post

Midgley has a telephone kiosk (no telephone in it, though) and at least two postboxes. One is by the phone box near the bus terminus, another is in the wall of the Old Post Office, opposite the school.


Many people find that broadband connections are not very fast in the village. Although the Mytholmroyd exchange is not far away as the crow flies, the wires follow the road, so the signal fades with the considerable distance. Fibre broadband is available, and that is very much better (ten times as fast, perhaps) if a little more expensive. Well worth the extra!